Space experts in the classroom!

For primary and secondary schools

For primary schools

Are you curious about the mysteries of the cosmos? What is a galaxy and how vast is it? Have you ever wondered about the enigmatic phenomenon of black holes? Let’s discover the secrets of our own Milky Way. Have you ever wondered why the stars twinkle in the night sky? Are there extraterrestrial beings waiting to be discovered? And what do asteroids really look like in the vastness of space? Plus, explore the chilling reality of the cosmic cold.

If your students are fascinated by the wonders of planets, stars, rockets and space, why not invite a space enthusiast into your classroom for a captivating, interactive lesson that will satisfy their cosmic curiosity and answer all their burning questions?

🎂 Age : 10+ (C4)
⌛ Duration : 1 hour
📆 Date : to be arranged
🗣️ Languages : LU, FR, DE, EN

for secondary schools

In the ever-changing world of aerospace, there are a constellation of exciting careers to explore. Whether you’re drawn to engineering, science, health or the technical side of things, the aerospace sector offers a galaxy of opportunities.

Enter Space Goes to School, your portal to the cosmos! Imagine inviting a seasoned aerospace expert into your classroom, whose passion for space knows no bounds. He will arouse your students’ curiosity through an interactive lesson, highlighting the captivating world of professional space exploration. It’s an invitation to travel beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary.

🎂 Age : 12+
⌛ Duration : around 60 minutes
📆 Date : to be arranged
🗣️ Languages : LU, FR, DE, EN