Mission X - Train like an astronaut


Mission X – Train Like an Astronaut is an international competition for schools, that focuses on fitness and nutrition and encourages students to train like an astronaut

The MissionX Challenge takes place every year from January to end of May.

The American and European space agencies NASA and ESA have developed a series of exercises that teach children, aged from 8 to 12, to enjoy space through sport, science and optimal nutrition in their daily lives. The “missions” are explicitly designed after the training of real astronauts at NASA and ESA. In recent years, thousands of children have successfully participated in the competition. The practical training missions are designed for physical education and aim to improve strength, endurance, coordination, balance and spatial perception, and the theoretical tasks can be covered in the science subjects.

How does the challenge works?

During the Challenge you can carry out different missions with your class. You can decide when and which exercises you want to do with your class. After the start of the Challenge in January, you can enter your completed missions here and see how many missions other countries have already completed. In many countries children participate in MissionX, and every mission completed helps MissionX mascots Luna and Leo to get closer to the moon. The goal is for all countries together to complete enough missions for the mascots to make it to the moon.

You can find more information on the international website here.

How to participate?

Do you have more questions about the challenge? We will be happy to answer any further questions by e-mail at missionx@esero.lu .

What are the missions?

For the challenge, there are a number of teaching materials that you can use in your sport and science classes. You can decide for yourself when and which exercises you want to do with your class. The following 19 missions have been developed:

  1. Agility Astro Course
  2. Energy of an Astronaut
  3. Explore and Discover
  4. Base station walkback
  5. Let’s Climb a Martian Mountain
  6. Building an Astronaut’s Core
  7. Crew assembly
  8. Crew strength training
  9. Do a Spacewalk
  10. Get on your Space Cycle
  11. Hydration Station
  12. Jump for the Moon
  13. Living Bones, Strong Bones
  14. Mission Control
  15. Planet you go, Gravity you find
  16. Reduced Gravity, Low Fat
  17. Space Rock and Roll
  18. The Speed of Light
  19. Taste In Space


Kick Off of the MissionX Challenge 2019 in the Luxembourg Science Center