Mission X

Train like an astronaut

Mission X – Train like an astronaut – is an international competition for school classes that aims to raise awareness of the benefits of healthy eating and sports, inspired by astronauts during their training years.

The MissionX competition takes place every year from January to the end of May. Sign up below for the next contest.

The competition

The U.S. and European space agencies, NASA and ESA, have developed a series of exercises and lessons to lead students to have fun and gain new knowledge about space, fitness and healthy eating. The missions are based on real astronaut training, so that the participating students, ages six to twelveIn a fun way, children can learn how to get in shape and have a balanced diet by training as an astronaut. They learn the importance and principles of healthy eating and exercise in an exciting setting, compete for points by successfully completing missions, and practice scientific thinking in teams. Classroom activities for the challenge are grouped into two categories: physical activities, which help students to develop athletic skills such as strength, endurance, coordination and spatial awareness and science activities that focus on STEM ” (science, technology, engineering and math) and allow students to learn about scientific reasoning and teamwork.

How does the competition work?

During the Challenge, you can perform different missions with your class in class. You can decide for yourself when and which exercises you want to do with your class. After the start of the Challenge in January, you can enter here your completed missions and see how many missions from other countries have already been completed. In many countries, children participate in MissionX, and each completed mission helps MissionX mascots Luna and Leo get closer to the moon. The goal is for all countries to complete enough missions together so that the mascots can travel to the moon.

You can find more information on the international MissionX competition website.

Do you still have questions about the contest? We will be happy to answer any other questions by email at missionx@esero.lu.

What are the missions?

The following missions have been developed. Some assignments can be completed in the gym and others in the classroom.


International project website