Mini case study for Climate Detectives on greenhouse gases

Jul 20, 2023 | ClimateDetectivesSecondary

In brief

This mini-case study focuses on climate change and greenhouse gases. Students will study how emissions and concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have evolved in their country over recent decades.

In detail

The mini-case studies for Climate Detectives are designed to help Climate Detectives teams identify a climate-related topic they can investigate that applies to real-life situations.

In this mini-case study, students will try to answer the following research questions: “How have greenhouse gas emissions changed in your country in recent decades? What are the past and present concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere? To this end, teachers will find in the resource suggestions for different types of data that students could collect and analyze. The suggestions are not exhaustive, and teachers can decide on their own specific orientation in a given field of research.

The mini-case study should be used in conjunction with the Climate Detectives teacher’s guide, not as a stand-alone document.

On the Copernicus Sentinel-5P map portal, you can find global concentrations of
as measured by the Tropomi instrument.