Teddy bears from space

Jul 20, 2023 | Biology in secondary schools, Educational material Secondary


Matières: Biology
Âge: 12-16 years
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes

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Laboratory experiment with tardigrades

In this set of experimental activities, students will examine the survival abilities of tardigrades, tiny animals also known as “water bears”.
They’ll learn how to collect water bears and what extreme conditions to simulate in the laboratory.
After collecting tardigrades, they will expose them to these extreme conditions and draw conclusions about the environments in which these organisms can survive.
The aim of this educational resource is to test the resilience of tardigrades to extreme environmental conditions, and to make the link between their survival abilities and space.

Learning objectives

  • Learn what tardigrades are and what extreme conditions they can survive in.
  • Learn what cryptobiosis is and how it helps tardigrades survive.
  • Examine the effects of changing a variable in a system.
  • Perform experiments accordingly, taking care to handle equipment correctly,
  • carry out precise measurements and comply with health and safety regulations.
  • Evaluate methods and suggest possible improvements and further investigations.

The tardigrade, the toughest animal on Earth

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