CanSat 2020-2021 launch success !

May 24, 2021 | News, Unkategorisiert

CanSat Luxembourg is a science and technology competition for secondary school students over 14 years old, organized by ESERO Luxembourg

The task for participating teams is to develop, build and test a mini-satellite with the dimensions of a beverage can. During the launch campaign, the satellite is transported to an altitude of almost one kilometre by a rocket. The CanSat is then to descend to the ground using a parachute and complete scientific during the descent.

A CanSat serves as a model of a real space mission, as it will pass through essentially the same phases as a real space mission: Planning the mission, designing the satellite, testing the individual components and the overall system, carrying out the mission, processing and evaluating the data, communicating the results. In this way, the CanSat competition offers students the opportunity to gain their first practical and authentic experience of a space project.

For this year competition, registration was launched in September 2020.
10 teams from 7 Luxembourg schools registered for a total of 54 students.

In December, around ten teachers received online training to be able to coach their team in the development of their satellite. The teams had about 5 months to build their mini-satellite.

A jury of 4 Luxembourg space experts followed the teams progress through reports teams had to regularly submit.

On Saturday May 22nd 5 teams have completed their CanSat to be ready for launch at the Elsenborn airbase

* Lënster Explorer team from Lënster Lycée International School
* LTS_CanSat team from Luxembourg Tech School
* Korolev team from Lycée classique d’Echternach
* OdysSat and GI-Rocket teams from Ecole Privée Fieldgen

Teams will present their final reports at the Luxembourg Science Center on June 12th.
The winner will participate to the European CanSat competition in September.

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