Live from space with Samantha

The call to the ISS was part of the “Marvel of Microgravity” thematic events organized by three European Space Resource Offices (ESEROs) linking the National Museum […]

Talk with an astronaut!

Live videocall to the International Space Station June 14th 2022 | 11 AM – 5 PM | Age 10+ | Event in English Watch the livestream […]

Getting Started with CanSat

This module outlines the main features of the Primary Mission for CanSat. In the Primary Mission, teams must measure the temperature and pressure and send the […]

Communicating with Radio – Ground Control to Major CanSat

To understand how everyday devices like mobile phones, routers and satellites work, we need to understand what radio waves are and how we can transmit information […]

Meet Arduino! – Introduction to Arduino computing

Students will explore technology used in space through the Arduino tool. They will build circuits to blink an LED and to measure temperature, pressure and altitude. […]