Don’t miss our 2021-2022 school projects

Sep 30, 2021 | News, News Slider

It’s back to school and ESERO Luxembourg school projects are back!

With Astro Pi, Climate Detectives, Moon Camp and CanSat, your students can discover the Earth’s environment, train like an astronaut, design a lunar base, develop a “micro-satellite” or program a computer aboard the International Space Station. Choose your favorite, note the launch dates and… teach with space!

Want to get your class excited about programming and space exploration? Then take part in the“AstroPi MissionZero” competition with your class! Using a simple one-hour step-by-step guide, write a small computer program to be sent to the Astro-Pi computers on the International Space Station, giving students the opportunity to communicate with astronauts in space!

– For students aged 8 to 12
– Participation possible from October to May
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AstroPi Mission Space Lab” involves designing and programming an experiment to be run on an AstroPi computer on the International Space Station. Teams can then analyze the data and report their findings. Teams can study “life in space” using the AstroPi on the ISS’s Columbus module, or study “life on Earth” using an infrared camera aimed at the Earth.

– For students aged 12 to 19
– Participation possible from September to May
– Registration on

With “Climate Detectives“, students identify a climate-related problem in their local environment, investigate the problem using real satellite images or by taking measurements and observations around their school to think about suggestions for improvement or solutions.
Teams receive feedback from scientists at
climate as each phase is completed.

– For students aged 12 to 15
– Phase 1 from September to November
– Registration on

Astronauts visiting the moon for an extended period of time will face significant challenges. What does an astronaut need to survive a long time on the moon? In this Moon Camp Discovery challenge, your students discover the Moon and use 3D software to design a future lunar camp for astronauts. The European Space Agency rewards the best designs with top prizes.

– For students aged 6 to 12
– October to May
– Registration on

To go further than MoonCamp Discovery, as part of the
of “Moon Camp Pioneers“, your students will find out about
on the moon and use 3D software to design a future camp
for astronauts. European Space Agency awards
the best designs at great prices.

– For students aged 12 to 19
– October to June
– Registration on

Build a mini-satellite with your class and launch it to high altitude!
A “CanSat” is a mini-satellite the size of a soft-drink can. It includes the main elements of a satellite,
such as sensors and a communications system, to carry out in-flight measurements and land safely on Earth. Competition winners will have the chance to take part in the European competition.

– For students aged 15 to 20
– November to May
– Registration on