Water Rocket Challenge

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Water Rocket Challenge

Liftoff in 3, 2, 1… !

ESERO invites elementary and high school teachers and their students to participate in the Water Rocket Challenge school contest , open to students ages 8-19 (Cycle 3 and 4 for elementary schools).

The challenge is to land an air rocket, using water as propulsion, exactly 70 m from the launch point, three times, with additional points for the duration of the flight.

By team of 2 to 4 personsUsing our educational guides, students will build their own water rocket and then launch it 3 times by changing different variables, such as air pressure, amount of water or launch angle, to get as close as possible to the 70 meter mark.

The launch of the water rocket will take place on Friday June 30, 2023 on a field in Luxembourg.

The teams will be divided into 2 categories:

  • Primary school students: 20 teams maximum, morning take-offs.
  • High school students: 20 teams maximum, afternoon take-offs.

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More information to come!