Brief description

The Climate Detectives mini-case studies are designed to help teachers identify the topic their team will be investigating, and to guide them through the various phases of the project.
In this document, teachers will find suggestions for different types of data that students could collect and analyze.
These suggestions are not exhaustive, and teachers can decide for themselves the direction the project will take in a given field of research.
The mini-case study should be used in tandem with the teacher’s guide and not as a stand-alone document.
Students will study the links between air pollution from local travel and climate change.

Learning objectives

  • To be able to work scientifically by collecting data, making careful observations, looking for patterns and relationships.
  • Understand the relationship between air pollution and climate change.
  • Identify the main atmospheric pollutants
  • Understand how Earth observation satellites can be used to monitor air quality

Connections between air quality and climate


Matières: Science, biology
Âge: 12-18 years
Type: Project activity

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