Matières: Geography, Science, Physics
Âge: 12-15 years
Duration: 45 minutes per activity


Ocean currents and their link to climate

In this series of activities, students will use a multimedia module to learn about ocean currents, ocean highways and their importance in understanding local climates. Through a hands-on activity, they’ll explore the causes of ocean currents. They will also use satellite images to analyze sea surface temperature, and understand why satellite observations are useful for monitoring ocean currents.

Learning objectives

  • Analyze global oceanic and atmospheric currents and discuss their impact on climate.
  • Identify local and global weather processes and climatic phenomena and their causes.
  • Use the tools available on the Internet to collect and analyze satellite data.
  • Understand how Earth observation can be used to monitor the oceans.
  • Interpret sea surface temperature maps.

Video: Sentinel-3 for the oceans

Covering 70% of the planet, the oceans are directly linked to our weather and climate. They are also essential to global transport and provide a multitude of resources. What happens offshore has a direct effect on societies around the world. Sentinel-3 provides crucial observations of our oceans, helping us to understand the overall health of our planet.