Searching for life on Mars

Jul 20, 2023 | Biology in secondary schools, Chemie für die Sekundarstufe


Laboratory activities
Matières: Biology, chemistry
Âge: 10-14 years
Duration: 45 minutes


Sample analysis, search for signs of life

In these activities, students will look for evidence of life in three samples resembling the soil of Mars, and discuss the experiments from the point of view of different scientists.
Students will perform simple experiments to compare the behavior of samples under specific conditions.
They’ll observe that some chemical reactions produce gases like carbon dioxide, and learn that chemical reactions can be caused by both living and non-living things.

Learning objectives

  • Learn about chemical reactions.
  • Learn about the properties of life on Earth.
  • Understand that some micro-organisms can produce carbon dioxide in a process called anaerobic respiration.
  • Compare some properties of the planets Earth and Mars.
  • Solve problems like a scientist.
  • Draw conclusions based on observations and measurements.

Searching for life on Mars with ExoMars

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