2023 training calendar for secondary schools

Dec 9, 2022 | Continuing education, Continuing education Secondary, News, News Teacher training

Here is the catalog of our IFEN-approved continuing education courses for secondary schools in Lëtzebuergesch and French for the 2023 school year.

These courses will enable you to discover in concrete terms how to add value to school curricula in science and technology subjects through the spatial context in the classroom.
Our training courses offer you new ideas for motivating your students, involving them actively in their learning and enabling them toexplore the Universe around them.

Cosmic rays and cosmic light

March 7 and March 14

The following topics will be covered during this continuing education course::

  • Fog chamber: build your own fog chamber to see cosmic ray particles with the naked eye!
  • Infrared radiation: modify your own inexpensive webcam to make near-infrared radiation visible.
  • Superblack in space:
    Understand light absorption and use a nanoparticle-based super-absorbent material developed at LIST in Belval.

Chemistry and space travel


March 21 and March 28

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Explosive mini-bottles: using rockets to understand combustion reactions
  • Energy from water: production of oxygen and hydrogen on the moon and assembly of a hydrogen-powered car with a fuel cell
  • Extracting water from lunar soil: filtration and distillation.

Physics and space: forces explained simply!


This course examines physics applications for space.

Three themes will be addressed:

  • “Whistling rocket”: Applying Newton’s laws to rockets
  • Barycentric spheres: orbits and center of gravity
  • The lunar landing: we plan a landing module

Space biology: did life come from space?

May 4 and May 11

This continuing education course covers 3 different topics:

  • Comets and life
  • Life in extreme conditions:
  • Bears from space: experiments with Tardigrada (tardigrades)